Monday, January 10, 2011

Information Commons South

"So, uh, how old are you then?  You're a member, did you say?  What ward?"
"23.  Yes.  I just moved.  Don't know which ward it is."
"Oh, THAT'S why you said it like twenty-threeeee.  It's ok.  You don't feel like you've fulfilled your purpose in life yet.  I totally get that.  I have two sisters that aren't married yet, one's 25 - but she's kind of crazy.  I got home from my mission and she was all (motions to lips, back, etc.) tattoos and piercings and stuff.  And then there's one who's 28 and not married.  I had to tell her not to get too mad at me if I got married before she did, since I'm 21.  So, want to go out sometime?"
"I'm sort of seeing someone.  But, what was your name?"  (Trying to sound/seem polite)
"I'm Erin," extends hand.
(Michael reaches back with gloved hand)
"Sorry, I get cold."
"Understandably so."
"Not really, my whole family is from Canada.  And I'm always ice skating." (?)
"Oh.  The outdoor skating rink opened today."
"I don't really trust those. They make air pockets and then you dull your blade.  I just go to the ice skating rink."
"You go there often?"
"Yes, I have a pass.  And another pass to a rink in Idaho."
"You must really love ice skating."
"I love ice skating."
"Well.  Bye."
"Maybe we can go ice skating sometime, you know, just as 'friends' (makes air quotes)."

I have been shaking my head for the last hour.

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  1. HA HA HA OH MY GOSH!! This is my new neighbor! Literally, it is. His name's michael and this is something he would say exactly! Did he have a little accent?