Monday, July 25, 2011

DIY Recycled, Screenprinted, Luggage tag wedding announcements

So, the wedding has come and gone, and it was beautiful, but I didn't want to let these go undocumented.  Our wedding announcements were a DIY project.  I must've come up with seven or eight different designs before I had my Eureka! moment.  This was one of the best projects I've ever done.  I designed the announcements and luggage tags on AI, formatted them to fit on an 11x17 piece of cardstock (so I could get more bang for my buck at the screenprinters - they charge per page, no matter what size), and helped actually screen them.  All in all, each announcement ended up being about .50 plus postage.  I loved these little announcements.

DIY Recycled, Screenprinted, Luggage tag wedding announcements.

Paper:  Recycled Environment Desert Storm Cover Paper
Text:  Screenprinted, White
Font:  AmperzandLeague Gothic
Lace:  Recycled lace tableclothes; washed, steamed, and cut
String:  Purchased from Michael's and Hobby Lobby
Luggage tags:  Printed on the same sheet as the announcements, cut, hole-punched, and stickered
Photos:  s. durf photostream on Flickr -- my brother-in-law



Announcements, a set on Flickr.


  1. Love these invites and am looking to make them as well! Question... What do you mean you designed them on "AI"??